A couple of weeks ago I received the FreshEffects #OlayGetFresh cleansing system complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.  I really wish that I could have reviewed this product sooner, but it’s been very hard with a 17 day old newborn at home.

Let me start off by saying I love this cleansing system!  I have always had an oily t-zone, making it hard for me to find products that worked well with my skin type.  While I was pregnant, this problem became significantly worse.  I began using this product about 4 weeks ago (while still pregnant) and began noticing a difference within days.  I am now 17 days post pregnancy and my skin is the clearest it’s been in a year.  The brush that comes with the cleansing system is very different from any product that I have seen or tried and it was surprisingly very gentle.  Overall, I would recommend this product to anyone! Especially those of you with similar skin types as myself.

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