Urban Decay Naked Skin.

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After a year of debating, I finally decided to take the plunge and splurge on Urban Decay’s Naked Skin foundation and powder. I’ve worn MAC concealer and Studio Fix powder for about 10 years now, so this was a tough decision for me.

I’ve always had a really difficult time with face makeup in general. Two years ago, when I became pregnant with my daughter, my skin started to change. My oily t-zone became even more oily. The dry parts of my face, dryer. Concealer and powder alone were not cutting it for me. I ended up forking out a lot of money, trying different foundations and concealers from both drug stores and department stores. I could never find anything that worked well and gave me the coverage I needed.

I saw a few vlogers I follow reviewing Urban Decay Naked Skin and I became intrigued. I read review after review on various websites and I finally caved. (Plus, I had a $10 off coupon from Ulta that I received for my birthday, as well as rewards points that I had been saving, so I couldn’t pass it up!) I ended up paying $.48 for the powder and my mom bought me the foundation as a birthday gift.

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To apply, I stipple the foundation on with a brush. This foundation builds very well so I no longer use concealer for my dark circles. After, I set the foundation with the powder by dusting powder all over my face with a fluffy powder brush.

I’ve been wearing the foundation and powder for two weeks now and it hasn’t failed me yet! The foundation is very runny BUT, it applies so smooth and is very light on the skin. My makeup doesn’t look super cakey on my oily t-zone and it doesn’t affect the dryer parts of my face. If you’re like me and have had a difficult time finding face makeup that suits you, I highly recommend giving this a try.

I bought mine at Ulta, but I know you’re able to buy this online and at Sephora as well. I recommend physically going into a store and having someone match the foundation to your skin tone. I have a fair complexion with olive undertones. I bought a 3.0 in the foundation and a medium powder. The foundation retails for $39 and the powder for $34. They’re not cheap by any means, but they’re 100% worth the money!

I’m so happy I finally found face makeup that works so well with my skin type. Thanks Urban Decay!

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