Salon Perfect nail polish in “Haute Pink” — Review.

I love nail polish. I try to make a trip down the nail polish aisle any time I go to the store. I’ve seen Salon Perfect on many occasions, but I never could get myself to make a purchase. Last week I gave in and picked up one bottle of Salon Perfect nail polish in “Haute Pink.”



I don’t know about you, but it looks more like a bright orange rather than a pink. Either way, I fell in-love with the color and HAD to buy it. It wasn’t badly priced either… only $3.98/each at Walmart.

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Thunder Blue.

IMG_20130520_111045_138A few weeks ago I was out shopping at Walmart with my mom and I came across some new colors by Essie and I fell in love with “Butler Please” (pictured above) and I HAD to get it.  I don’t normally buy blue nail polish but I fell in love with this color immediately.  I ended up getting Sinful Color’s “Hottie” to top it off, followed by a clear coat.  Being a new mommy rarely leaves me with any “me” time, so I was happy when I was able to get my nails painted while Emma napped.  Butler Please is now one of my favorite nail polishes in my growing collection.  And being the OKC Thunder fan that I am, I decided to call the combination of polishes “Thunder Blue” lol. I thought it was appropriate since we were in the playoffs when I bought this color.  And here’s the finished product..


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