Smoothie hack (getting your greens in).

My toddler and I are smoothie addicts. Plain and simple. Since my daughter started eating solids, I’ve had a difficult time getting her to eat veggies — especially green veggies. But come on, what kid likes green veggies? Or veggies in general?

I make smoothies for myself daily. I always include a handful of organic kale or baby spinach (sometimes both), along with whatever fruits I’m craving. I really didn’t think that my daughter would care for it, but after one sip, she was hooked. Now I feel better knowing that she is getting both her fruits and veggies in each day.

Those of you who buy fresh kale or spinach know how quickly they wilt. I usually wash the kale and spinach as soon as I get it home so that I can put it in a freezer bag to freeze. You have to make sure to use it fairly quick, otherwise it gets that nasty freezer taste. Yuck.

So… what’s this hack? Kale and spinach ice cubes! It’s so simple. All you have to do is put some filtered water in a blender (about 1/4 cup), fill with either kale or spinach (you can combine the two if you’d like), and puree. Once it’s pureed, fill up an ice cube tray and freeze. I take my cubes out of the ice cube tray once they’re frozen and put them in a gallon sized freezer bag.

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What’s your favorite smoothie tips and tricks?


// Karissa <3

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