Paris by Thirty-One.


A few months ago I was introduced to Thirty-One. I’m not a consultant, but I have a friend who is one. She invited me to a few online parties and I started learning about their products. I immediately fell in-love.

I have an obsession. Purses. 5 years ago my husband bought me my first Coach purse, but only because I agreed to donate my entire purse collection. This was a very difficult thing for me because I loved each and every one very much. After 5 years with my beautiful Coach purse, I finally caved and bought myself a Thirty-One purse. That poor purse has been through a lot — I’ve had people spill beer on it on a few occasions, it’s been to the Bahamas and Curacao, etc.

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first made my Thirty-One purchase. It’s very different from making a normal purchase online. I’m very happy with my purchase/products, but there are some cons I think others who haven’t purchased from a Thirty-One consultant before should know.

Con #1 — You don’t receive a confirmation upon placing your order.
Con #2 — Your order/card isn’t processed until a party is closed out. You will see a 0.01 cent charge as a hold on your account until it’s fully processed.
Con #3 — Once the party closes, you don’t receive confirmation your order is processed. You’ll only know if you check your bank account on a daily basis.
Con #4 — Once your account is charged, you don’t receive shipping info. I had to ask my friend and she provided me with the information.

I believe all of these cons should be resolved. As a customer, I think Thirty-One would fair better if they fixed these issues. I felt like such a pain in the ass, always asking my friend for the info.

I placed my order on February 10th. The Facebook party closed out February 19 — my account was charged the same day. I received my order on February 26th via UPS. In total, it took 16 days to complete the entire process.

The special for the month was spend $35 and receive 50% off select purses. I ended up buying the Hang-up Activity Organizer in Black Cross Pop and the Paris in Gatsby Green.

One of the huge reasons I decided to purchase products from Thirty-One is because of the Gatsby Green. It’s gorgeous! I originally wanted the Mini Diamond District, but because it wasn’t available in Gatsby Green, I chose the Paris. I’m actually very happy I did 🙂 It’s the perfect size and I love that it also came with an adjustable strap so you can wear it across your body or on one arm. It’s very versatile.

Paris (front) in Gatsby  Green.
Paris (front) in Gatsby Green.
Paris (back) in Gatsby Green.
Paris (back) in Gatsby Green.
Paris (inside).
Paris (inside).
Paris with adjustable strap.
Paris with adjustable strap.


Isn’t it beautiful? Once I get the Hang-up Activity Organizer hooked up in our car, I’ll post some pictures of that as well.

Overall, I would purchase from Thirty-One again. I just wish I had known all of the cons before I made my purchase so that I didn’t seem so annoying, asking questions all the time.

Have you purchased from Thirty-One? What was your experience like?




**UPDATE** I ended up having to return the Hang-up Activity Organizer that I purchased because it did not fit our tablet in it (although I was told it would prior to me purchasing it) and it didn’t fit correctly in our Passat. I informed my consultant of the trouble and asked about the return process. She issued my refund immediately and informed me I needed to send the Hang-up Activity Organizer back to her immediately. I had to use the box I received my products in with all of the packaging. I had no problem with this until I realized I had to pay for the return! It cost me $14 to ship it back to her, which is half of what the product cost me. I wish my consultant would have explained the refund process to me like I asked rather than immediately issue the refund as soon as I brought my dissatisfaction to her attention. I would’ve rather kept the product and found a different use for it than come out of pocket to return it. Such a waste!!! I love the purse I purchased, but I am completely dissatisfied with my entire experience. I will never purchase from Thirty-one again!

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