NEW Venus Swirl — Review.

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While I was on a quick trip to Walmart for a razor, I stumbled upon the new Venus Swirl Razor. I had my go-to razor in hand when a display suddenly came to life. It was lit up pretty bright and had a demo of how the razor moves with the curves of your body. Next thing I knew, I found myself reaching for the new razor — and I’m so happy I did!

This razor does cost a few dollars more than your typical Venus razors, but I promise you, it’s worth it.



The package comes with 2 cartridges and a handle. Pretty, huh?


One thing I immediately noticed about the new Venus Swirl is that it comes with 5 blades rather than 3 like the original Venus razor.

When they say the razor contours better to tricky areas, they’re not lying! I couldn’t tell you how many times I’ve nicked myself while shaving because my razor can’t reach those difficult areas. i.e., knees, ankles, etc. Since I switched to the new Venus Swirl, I haven’t had this problem 🙂 The razor forms perfectly to my legs while shaving. I don’t find myself re-shaving areas where the razor missed, which usually leaves my legs itchy and covered in razor burn.



The handle for the razor is exceptional compared to handles on your normal razor. The handle not only looks pretty, it has a great grip as well!

I feel like I haven’t said enough about this razor — so if anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

– Great brand.
– The handle is pretty and provides a great grip.
– The swirl head allows the razor to reach those tricky places that a normal razor wouldn’t reach.
– 5 blades versus 3 blades.
– I have never nicked myself with this razor. Ever.

I honestly don’t have anything bad to say about this product. When I first purchased it I saw the price as a con, but now that I have used the razor, I’ve changed my mind. I will gladly spend a dollar or two more than my normal go-to razor for this razor. Yes, it’s that amazing!

I hope you give it a try — and if you do, please let me know your thoughts/opinions!




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