Important Spring Fling VoxBox UPDATE!!!

I have some important information regarding a product I recently reviewed for Influenster’s Spring Fling VoxBox.


The product I’d like to talk about are the Kiss Everlasting French Nails. This was my favorite product that I received in the VoxBox, but I now sadly have to post this update. I’ve been wearing the nails for 1 week now and the nails finally started falling off today. I was sad at first until I realized that MOLD is now growing on my natural nails. While the nails look beautiful and were easy to apply, this is extremely disgusting!!! I am very allergic to mold. I recently had to make trips to the ER and urgent care from coming into contact with mold. I was sick for over a month. I can sadly no longer recommend these nails to anyone and regrettably will not be purchasing these in the near future like I planned. I think that everyone who is trying these nails should be aware of this.

I did take a few photo’s, but I couldn’t get the focus on my iPhone to focus just right. Here is the best photo I could could get. As soon as I saw this I took the rest of the nails off and soaked them in vinegar to kill the fungus.

photo 2 (1)


Thanks for viewing!

// Karissa

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