CVS & Target haul.

I’ve been doing some thinking lately and I’ve decided to start posting some coupon/shopping hauls on here to keep this blog alive. Before I had my daughter, I used to coupon a LOT. Becoming a full-time mommy, wife, and student has left little to no room for “me time,” but I’m going to try my hardest to get back on the couponing bandwagon. And with my husband deploying soon, I’ll need some more activities to do while I’m on summer break.

Since I had this morning to myself, I decided to do a little couponing. First stop? CVS!



Whisk 33 load laundry detergent. Regular price: $8.99 each. CVS is running a special this week of buy 1 get 2 free. Plus I had a $1 off mfg coupon. Total before tax for all 3? $7.99!
CVS is also running a special on TRESemme products. I bought a 32 oz. shampoo and a heat protectant spray. Each were originally $4.99, on sale for $4 each. I had two $2/1 mfg coupons, making them each $2 a piece.
My grand total before coupons? $39.17. I paid $12.91 for everything.. saving $26.26!

Next stop? Target! This haul was mainly to stock up on deodorant and a few other things to send with my husband when he deploys soon.


Axe body wash on sale for $3.49, -$1 mfg coupon. Axe deodorant on sale for $3.49, -10% with Target’s cartwheel app (brining it down to $3.14), -$1 mfg coupon. L’oreal hairspray regularly $3.99 but I was able to get it on clearance for $1.98. Colgate Optic White mouthwash priced at $1.99, -$1 mfg coupon. Colgate toothbrush regularly $2.99, -$1 mfg coupon. Beneful Healthy Smile priced at $3.49, -$1.50 mfg coupon and -$.50 Target coupon. Degree men’s deodorant priced at $3.89 each, -10% off with Target’s cartwheel app, -$1.50 off of 2, plus -$1 Target coupon on each. Degree women’s deodorant $3.89, -10% with Target’s cartwheel app, -$1 mfg coupon, -$1 Target coupon. Grand total? $37.28. I also saved an additional 5% on the total by using my Target Red Card. After coupons, cartwheel, and the red card, I paid $17.42 ๐Ÿ™‚

These 2 hauls were definitely not my best couponing hauls BUT, I’ll get back to where I was before.
If you haven’t already downloaded the Target Cartwheel app, I highly recommend you do so before you’re next trip to Target ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you enjoyed these 2 small couponing/shopping hauls. Thanks for viewing!

– Karissa

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