Purex Crystals – Review.


I hope everyone is staying warm on this beautiful Saturday morning. Thursday night into Friday morning we received a good 3″ of snow – our first snow of 2017.┬áMy 3.5-year-old is a little snow bunny, so you can guess how we’ve been spending our time ­čśë

Now that I have a nice, big cup of coffee in hand, I am ready to share with you the┬ánew Purex Crystals┬áthat I received from┬áBzzAgent to test and review. Purex Crystals are an in-wash fragrance booster that enhance your laundry’s scent. Prior to starting a load of laundry, add as much or as little of the Purex Crystals to your washing machine as you see fit – it all depends on your personal fragrance preference!

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