#SpiceVoxBox — Review!

Here I am, trying to be consistent. Only 3 more days left until the #SpiceVoxBox comes to a close. I have now had the opportunity to test each product and am ready to review them. I had originally wanted to write a post for each product, but I have since decided not to. Each “mini review” will contain the description from the #SpiceVoxBox infromation card I received.


“At Good Health, we believe the secret to a great “Lifeitude,” aka loving life to the fullest, is feeling good. That’s why we pack our Veggie Straws with Extra Goodness! Like nutrients (vitamins) from tomatoes, spinach, beets, broccoli and carrots to deliver a truly delicious snack so you can… Enjoy Being Good!”

The first product I would like to talk about is Good Health Veggies Straws. This product is great in so many ways. The first being it is a non-GMO product. I know many people who believe the whole “GMO” thing is a spoof (my husband included), but I am not one of them. Not only does this product fit my lifestyle, my almost three year old loves them as well. I’ve tried many different brands of veggie straws over the years, but this is the first brand of veggie straws that I actually thought tasted like real veggies. I only wish I could find these in store! I have looked at Walmart, Target, and our local grocery store and have had no luck. I haven’t been to Sprouts or Whole Foods lately, so I may have to try there. It’s nice finding a snack product that is healthy and accepted by my very picky toddler. According to the information card I received from Influenster, these 6.75 oz packs retail for $3.99. If anyone can find these, can you please share with me where you found them? #EnjoyBeingGood


“This hydrating organic day cream softens and moisturizes skin for 24 hours. Active plant extract, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is combined with Jojoba Oil and Cocoa Butter to instantly nourish and leave skin looking fresh and radiant.”

The second product I would like to talk about is Boots Botanics Organic Hydrating Day Cream. The is only the second Boots product I have tried — both thanks to Influenster. I have purchased many different moisturizers in the past and have yet to find one that worked well for me. I have combination skin and most moisturizers make the oily parts of my skin even more oily. That was not the case with Boots Botanics! Now that winter has finally hit Oklahoma, I have been using this moisturizer daily. Following my morning cleansing routine, I apply the moisturizer. I love that this product is 85% organic (another awesome product that fits my lifestyle). The moisturizer is thin, applies smooth, smells amazing, and hydrates my skin for the full 24 hours that it claims. My face makeup looks fantastic when applied after hydrating with Boots Botanics Organic Hydrating Day Cream. According to the information card I received from Influenster, you can pick these up for $12.99 (I’ve seen them at Ulta, Walmart, Target, etc.). #BotanicsOrganic


“Get over-the-top shine! Introducing SinfulColors SinfulShine 2-step manicure with GelTech. There are 2 easy steps to a statement-making mani. Step 1: Apply 2 coats of any of our 27 bold, vibrant colors! Step 2: Seal with our top coat for added shine and wear!”


The third product I would like to talk about is SinfulColors SinfulShine Nail Polish. This is my favorite product in the #SpiceVoxBox. I love love love SinfulColors nail polish. It’s been my go-to polish for years. Like I said in my previous post, I have tried 2 different gel manicure kits. Both sucked (I won’t name them here). I had much better results with the SinfulColors SinfulShine Nail Polish. I have read many reviews where people have stated this nail polish lasted 2 weeks without chipping. While I wasn’t lucky enough to be one of them (probably because I spend my days typing), the polish did last 5 full days before it started chipping! One of the huge downsides to the gel manicure kits is how badly they destroy your nails. Hence, why my nails look so terrible under the SinfulColors SinfulShine Nail Polish. This nail polish doesn’t require buffing your nails or drying them with a LED lamp. You simply follow the steps above. The nail polish dries quickly, but not so quick that the polish becomes thick on the brush (I hate that!). I can’t wait to try more of the 27 other polishes in the SinfulShine collection. You can pick these up for $2.99 per bottle at Ulta, Walmart, Target, etc. OR you can buy them in sets. I believe a set of the color and top coat is around $5.99, but don’t hold me to it. #OverTheTop


“Whip It Up is a delicious vanilla cupcake scented mousse rich in moisturizers to tame frizzies and help thicken strands. It may smell sweet, but this salon formula styling mousse won’t leave your fingers (or your hair) sticky!”

The fourth product I would like to talk about is Not Your Mother’s Whip it Up Cream Styling Mousse. This is the first time I’ve ever tried a cream styling mouse OR heard of a cream styling mousse. Like the description says, this mousse smells exactly like a vanilla cupcake and it doesn’t make your hands or hair sticky! I have used a few Not Your Mother’s products in the past and this happens to be my least favorite. While the mousse helped to tame frizz, it made my hair look extremely greasy. Maybe it’s because I have greasy hair to begin with? While this mousse wasn’t for me, I’ve read reviews and have heard from other Influensters that love it. Not Your Mother’s Whip it Up Cream Styling Mousse is available at your local Walmart, Target, Walgreens, CVS, etc. You can purchase a 2.1 oz for $3.00 or a 7 oz for $7.00. #NYMWIU



SoapBox is a buy one give one company. For every product sold, a bar of soap or month of clean water is given to a person in need! Our shampoos and conditioners are always free from sulfates, parabens, EDTA and artificial colorants and each one is full of hope.”

The fifth product I would like to talk about is the SoapBox Shampoo & Conditioner. This is my second favorite product in the #SpiceVoxBox. I love the message this company sends (I just hope I don’t see this on Adam Ruins Everything anytime soon). These products are made with coconut oil, jojoba seed oil, shea butter, and aloe. Let me start by telling you a little about my hair. It’s thick, wavy, and greasy. During the winter months, my hair becomes extremely dry and frizzy. Dryer sheets and leave in conditioner are just not cutting it like they used to. This is the first shampoo & conditioner that have helped combat the dry, frizzy mess my hair has become. The shampoo and conditioner both smell divine! — but you can never go wrong with coconut. My toddler has curly, thick hair that is a dry frizzy mess like mine. I’ve tried this on her hair and it looks beautiful after a shower 🙂 I have yet to see these in store, but when I do, I will continue to buy SoapBox products. I love that I can help make a difference in this messed up world, even if it’s a small difference. According to the information card I received from Influenster, you can pick up 16 oz bottles for $5.99 each. #SoapEqualsHope


“Enjoy two intriguingly delicious samples from Yogi’s line of Energy teas. The Yogi collection includes 60 varieties of herbal, green & black teas rich in delicious flavor & healthful purpose.”

The sixth product I would like to talk about are the two samples of Yogi’s line of Energy tea that I received. I received “Vanilla Spice Perfect Energy” and “Sweet Tangerine Positive Energy”. I’m a huge fan of Yogi teas. I drink them regularly. I loved the Sweet Tangerine. It’s one of my new favorites! I have yet to find it in store though 🙁 but, hopefully that will change soon. I hate when I have to give a poor review on a product, but I did not like the Vanilla Spice at all. I took two sips and poured it out. One thing I love about Yogi teas are the inspiring messages on the tea tags. They’re cute and have a way of perking you up, even when you’re feeling down. I love that most Yogi teas are non-GMO as well! I can’t wait to use my $1 off coupon when I find Sweet Tangerine. If you’re a tea drinker, I highly recommend you try Sweet Tangerine if you can find it! #yogitea


Give ’em the Boot offers a cozy 100% Wool overlay atop Foot Petals’ signature Poron insole to keep tootsies toasty while absorbing shock for all-day comfort.”

If you received the #SpiceVoxBox you were able receive Give ’em the Boot insoles or Killer Kushionz. The descriptions for Killer Kushionz is below.

“Killer Kushionz offer the type of comfort every foot deserves, providing full protection from heel to ball-of-foot. Wear any heel, any time, all the time.”

The last product I would like to talk about is Foot Petals Give ’em the Boot. Believe it or not, this is the first pair of insoles I’ve ever used — and probably the last. I’ve been wearing these in my boots for a couple of weeks and I’m not impressed. The insoles provide 0 cushion and make my boots tight. The only upside to these insoles is how warm they keep your feet. I did find that the insoles were very easy to cut down to the appropriate size and fit in your boot. The packaging said you could take them out and use them in other boots — I tried this and it didn’t work. They were too big for my other pair of boots that are the exact same size. At $18.95 a pop, I cannot recommend these to anyone. #ThePerfectFit

Well folks, that sums up how I feel about each product in the #SpiceVoxBox. What products are you looking forward to trying? Have you tried any of these products before? Let me know in the comments!


<3 Karissa

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. The opinions expressed about are mine and mine alone.

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