#FrostyVoxBox from Influenster — Overview.

Everyone ready for a new VoxBox?

It’s been a little while since I received one, which is probably a good thing since I was so busy with school. I’m thrilled to have been chosen to participate in the #FrostyVoxBox!



This new VoxBox has some pretty amazing products include! I’ve already been busy testing some of them. The #FrostyVoxBox includes: Boost No7 Protect & Perfect Advanced sample, NYC Expert Last Lip Color in Sugar Plum, Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Decaf Green Tea (2 tea bags), EcoTools (full size) Hair Brush, Rimmel Gentle Eye Makeup Remover, Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal Eyeliner, McCormick Gourmet Thyme, and Fruit Vines Bites.

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Cleaning stuffed animals — naturally.

Last Christmas, my daughter received a Leap Frog “Violet” stuffed dog for Christmas from her aunt. My daughter and Violet have been inseparable ever since. I love Violet.  She’s educational, cute, customizable — what more could you look for in a toy for your child, right? My daughter likes to use Violet as a teething ring, security blanket, napkin . . . you name it. But, Violet has one huge downside. She’s extremely difficult to clean! You can’t throw her in the washing machine or submerge her in water because her battery pack is sewn into her.

I decided to see if I could get Violet clean with a little TLC and Arm & Hammer’s baking soda. Guess what? It worked! I’ve been using this method for almost a year now and decided to share it with you all 🙂


Can you see the difference?

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ARM & HAMMER(TM) baking soda from Smiley 360!

Hey everyone!

I’d like to take a minute and share one of my new favorite websites with you. It’s called Smiley360 (http://h5.sml360.com/-/emmm). If you’re a member of the Influenster nation, you will love Smiley360.

Smiley360 is very similar to Influenster. You start by creating a free account. Next, you will start receiving surveys on your dashboard. Answer the questions honestly and see if you become qualified for an upcoming mission 🙂

In October I qualified for another Smiley360 mission. The mission consisted of testing 5-Hour Energy Drinks. Sadly, I could not finish the mission. I was recently diagnosed with a mitral valve disorder and given medication for the heart palpitations, so I have to stay away from energy drinks and anything that might contain high amounts of caffeine.


The current mission I’m working on is for ARM & HAMMER(TM) baking soda.

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Semi-healthy Caramel Apple Egg Rolls.

I don’t know about you, but I cannot get enough of fall — although the weather here in Oklahoma is more winter-like lately.

Today I have a quick, easy, and semi-healthy caramel apple egg roll recipe for you this morning. What better way to make your house smell like fall than by baking up these golden rolls of apple goodness?


Here is what you will need . . .
2 large Washington apples — or whatever apples you prefer
2 packets of Stevia
dash of ground cinnamon
All natural egg roll wrappers — I found mine at Neighborhood Walmart
1 tsp flour to about 1-2 tsp water
2 tbsp all natural coconut oil
2-3 caramel pieces, melted

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So Delicious Pumpkin Spice Coconut Milk — Review.

Hey everyone!

My professors have been keeping me extremely busy this semester. I do have some products that I would love to review, it’s just a matter of me finding time to do so. Being a full-time student, mommy, and wife is tough work!

I would like to quickly brag on So Delicious. If you haven’t tried their organic coconut milk, I highly recommend you do. It’s amazing and I promise you won’t regret it. If you can’t find it the refrigerated section, check the juice aisle. I’ve noticed many stores only sell the boxed, warm So Delicious. It’s right next to the Silk and Blue Diamond.

I started using their unsweetened vanilla coconut milk back in June when I decided to start eating mostly vegetarian. I tried hopping on the almond milk bandwagon, but I just couldn’t stomach it. The almond milk was fine mixed in smoothies, but I hated it in my oatmeal and coffee. Yuck! I love almonds too, which is weird. Anyways —  Now, I don’t miss regular cows milk at all. I use So Delicious coconut milk in my steel cut oats, smoothies, baking, etc.

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Gevalia Traditional Roast Coffee — Review.



I received this complimentary Gevalia Traditional Roast coffee from PINCHme to test and review. Being a huge coffee lover, I was thrilled to be apart of this. Unfortunately, the sample that I received expired September 14, 2014 (one month ago). The sample is supposed to be enough to make 4 cups of coffee.

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Homemade Crock Pot Applesauce.

It smells like fall in my house 🙂 I finally have almost all of our Halloween decorations up and I have been busy in the kitchen on my study breaks.

I recently made a trip to my local grocery store and picked up a bag of day old apples for $1.99. It contained a mixture of Washington, Gala, and Golden Delicious apples. I decided I’d give homemade applesauce a go. After spending some time researching, I decided to use the crock pot because I could let it sit and not have to worry about it while I was busy with my daughter and school work. I cooked the applesauce yesterday, pureed it in my food processor this morning, and my daughter and I have been snacking on it since. It turned out amazing! I don’t think I’ll ever purchase store bought applesauce again. It makes a good amount, so you can even freeze it if you don’t think you’ll go through it fast enough.

With so many apples sitting around, waiting to spoil, I made a batch of apple chips along with the applesauce. Yum!

Here’s what you’ll need for the applesauce.

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Frankenstein Mason Jar DIY.


Now that I have finished this project, I really wish I had taken photos of each step. This was so simple, I’m not sure you really need the photos? I already had everything laying around to make this, so there were no trips to the store for me.

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Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeliner Review.

Hey everyone!

Two weeks ago I received a VoxBox from Influenster with some complimentary Rimmel London products to test and review because I won a brand badge challenge with a previous VoxBox. I’ve been testing the products included in the Voxbox for the past 2 weeks and I’m ready to start reviewing. Let’s get this started!

The products I’m reviewing today are the Rimmel London Scandaleyes Eyeliners. I actually received 2 of these. One with an ultra thin felt tip and the other with a slanted felt tip, so you’re able to accomplish thick or thin lines. Both eyeliners are black and waterproof.










I was actually very excited when I saw these included in the VoxBox. I’m a huge fan of liquid liner, although I don’t care for felt tip liners. With that being said, I gave it a go.

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Steel cut oatmeal.

Happy Friday!

I’ve had quite a few people ask me how I cook my steel cut oats, so here’s a quick recipe for you. And if you’ve never tried steel cut oats, I highly recommend you do! They’re my favorite 🙂 My daughter and I share a bowl every morning.

photo 1 (1)

3 c water
1 c organic steel cut oats
1 tbsp butter (You can omit the butter to keep it vegan or try it with coconut oil)
1 c organic unsweetened vanilla coconut milk (So Delicious is my favorite!)
Sweetener of your choice. I use raw honey.

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