Gevalia Traditional Roast Coffee — Review.



I received this complimentary Gevalia Traditional Roast coffee from PINCHme to test and review. Being a huge coffee lover, I was thrilled to be apart of this. Unfortunately, the sample that I received expired September 14, 2014 (one month ago). The sample is supposed to be enough to make 4 cups of coffee. I used my k-cup insert and was able to make 2 cups of coffee with the sample. I’m sure you could make 4 cups with the sample in a regular coffee pot, but it would be extremely weak. I drank both cups of coffee this morning and I’m slightly disappointed. I don’t feel I can give a very good review because the coffee I received was expired and lacked freshness. I do look forward to using the 50 cent off coupon I received along with the sample. With fresh coffee, I feel I can give a better review.







// Karissa <3


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