Frankenstein Mason Jar DIY.


Now that I have finished this project, I really wish I had taken photos of each step. This was so simple, I’m not sure you really need the photos? I already had everything laying around to make this, so there were no trips to the store for me.

You’ll need:
1 large mason jar
green acrylic paint of your choice
white paint pen ($1.99 at Walmart)
black sharpie marker
black felt
black ribbon
hot glue gun
craft brush (for the paint)
water bottle lid (to trace circle for eyes)

I started by painting my mason jar. I used the color “Sour Apple” by Americana. You can pick these up at Hobby Lobby for around 97 cents a pop. I think they may even sell these at Walmart and Michaels. I applied 2 coats of Sour Apple, waiting 30 minutes between coats. I then let the paint dry for a full day. Since you have to wait the full day for the paint to dry, you can now work on the mason jar lid to get 1 step ahead. I used my hot glue gun and black ribbon to create a cute little bow around the lid.

Once your jar is completely dry, start cutting the felt in a jagged design. Frankenstein has crazy hair, so get creative! I used my glue gun once again to glue the “hair” around the brim of the mason jar, just below the lid.

With a water bottle lid, trace the circles for eyes with your white paint marker and fill in. The white paint won’t take too long to dry, so while it’s drying, you can work on making Frankenstein’s mouth and some incision marks with the black sharpie. By this point, the white paint should be dry. If it’s not, allow it to dry longer before moving on to the next step. Use the black sharpie to finish drawing the eye balls.



Happy Fall Everyone! 🙂


// Karissa <3

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