Degree MotionSense Review.


Okay.. I really need to brag on the Degree Motion Sense deodorant. This stuff is amazing! When I moved to Oklahoma from California, I needed a stronger deodorant. I began using Secret’s Clinical antiperspirant. It didn’t last all day, but it was better than any other deodorant I tried. I recently came across coupons in my local Sunday paper for $2 off any Degree deodorant (excluding trial sizes of course), so I decided to give the Motion Sense a go. The scent I picked up is “shower clean,” which smells amazing by the way!

Yesterday, I applied the deodorant after I showered and then I went about my day. I went to my 2 hour Zumba/Toning class, chased my pre-tot around, and managed to get 2 hours worth of yard work done. I felt and looked disgusting by the end of the day, but one thing I noticed was the deodorant never lost its scent! I was in complete disbelief. Could it be.. I finally found a deodorant that lasts through my busy, active life? Yes! I am now a proud Degree Motion Sense user 🙂 I highly recommend this deodorant to anyone who, like myself, may need something a little stronger than your normal deodorant.

Pros: Smells great, glides on smooth, dries clear, inexpensive.
Cons: NONE.

I hope you all enjoy today’s blog post! I plan on writing a few book reviews soon, as well as a review on Seattle’s Best Coffee. Keep an eye out or those!


// Karissa <3

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