Bread addiction.

I’m fairly new to making homemade bread. In the beginning, I was extremely intimidated. Many of the recipes I found required stand mixers (which I didn’t own) and a lot of time and patience. It’s hard to find time and patience when you have a toddler running around. But I ended up finding a french bread recipe that looked fool proof. It didn’t require a stand mixer and a big chunk of time like others. My daughter loves helping me make this bread! 🙂


For Christmas, my husband surprised me with a KitchenAid stand mixer — something I’ve been wanting for years. Since I received the mixer, I’ve moved up to sourdough. This was even more intimidating. Starter? What on earth is THAT? (If you don’t know what starter is, click here.) Now that I’ve establish a nice, healthy starter, I’ve been baking sourdough with ease.


I also decided to tackle making homemade bagels. Majority of the recipes I found for bagels required bread flour. Well, this just wasn’t fair. What beginning bread maker keeps bread flour on hand? Sounds silly, but I don’t. I did some more research and I found a recipe that used all-purpose flour, which is more my level. I expected my bagels to turn out like bricks, but they’re actually quite wonderful!


Since my husband got me the KitchenAid, I’ve been baking bread almost nonstop. Many of my friends and family think I’m silly, but others have become very interested in bread making. I’ve decided to share the 3 recipes above with you. I hope you all enjoy!

Easy French Bread — I swear this recipe is fool proof! And it’s fun to make with the kiddos too!

Sourdough Starter — To make sourdough, you have to start by making a starter. You can buy starters online or you can make your own. All you need is flour, water, and a lot of patience. I only had to feed mine every 24 hours. Others require feeding the starter twice a day. This is the recipe I used but there are many variations out there. Research and find the recipe that suites your lifestyle.

Sourdough Bread — This recipe is great! I’ve tried it plain and I’ve tried adding cloves of garlic in it. Either way, it’s delicious! It pairs nicely with homemade soup and also makes a great toast for breakfast.

Bagels — Make sure you set aside a big block of time if you’re going to tackle homemade bagels. This recipe is simple but time consuming. I enjoy eating these with homemade raw spreadable vegan cheese.

What are your favorite bread recipes?


Happy baking!
// Karissa <3

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