Bagel love.

I am completely obsessed with making homemade bagels. I have been experimenting with a basic boiled bagel recipe I found on Pinterest and I have been having so much fun adding my own touches and making it my own. So far I have attempted plain bagels, cheddar jalapeno bagels, and onion bagels.



I think I am almost ready to start sharing a few of my bagel recipes with you all. How fabulous do these cheddar jalapeno bagels look? I made these especially for my husband and they turned out amazing! Soft and chewy with the perfect blend of jalapenos and cheddar on top.

Most bagel recipes I have found require bread flour. I love to bake, but bread flour is not a staple I keep on hand. The bagel recipe I found requires all-purpose flour only. Now that’s more like it!

I have been experimenting with organic whole wheat flour and flax meal as well. They both add a nice touch to all of the bagels I have been making.



While the plain bagels and the jalapeno cheddar were delicious, nothing beats the onion bagels I had the pleasure of baking yesterday.



I just ate one of these babies for breakfast and I can’t tell you how delicious they really are. I incorporated organic whole wheat flour and flax meal into these as well — along with some diced up sweet onion. After I boiled the bagels, I sprinkled the tops with garlic powder before baking. The garlic powder was the perfect touch!

What bagels are your favorite?

Look for some of my bagel recipes soon! 🙂


// Karissa <3

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