Healthy blueberry banana bread.


Emma and I woke up early this morning and went straight to the kitchen to make this beautiful, healthy blueberry banana bread. No wordy posts from me today. Today is a busy Saturday, preparing for a special Sunday 🙂 And sorry! No fancy pictures either.

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Chocolate peanut butter (no bake) granola bars.

CPG9Okay, seriously… how delicious do these look? I cannot get enough of these! Chocolate, creamy peanut butter goodness! Mmm-mmm! I am never buying granola bars again!

Chocolate and peanut butter are two of my favorite things. Especially paired together. I never buy candy, but if I had to, I’d go straight for Reese’s peanut butter cups. Any time I can get chocolate and peanut butter together, I do. And really, why wouldn’t you?

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Oatmeal pancakes.

photo 1 (1)


I realize now, I should have taken more pictures while I was making these for breakfast yesterday. I posted this picture on Facebook and Instagram and it became a hit. I had no idea so many people would want to give it a try.

These are delicious! Really. I actually like these more than buttermilk pancakes. And I love that you know everything that goes into these fluffy cakes of goodness. No preservatives. My 17-month-old devoured her serving. I think I may even be able to get my husband to eat these when he returns from this deployment (he’s not a big pancake fan).

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Veggie pot pie.

I have no idea why, but I have been craving pot pie for over a week now. You’d think with hot temps outside, I’d stay away from recipes that call for using the oven. Wrong! Tonight I caved in and made this baby 🙂

photo 4
I know it’s not pretty and perfect, but it sure tastes perfect! This was my first time making a homemade pot pie. After looking at recipes for days, I finally decided just to throw my own recipe together. Most of the recipes called for chicken, chicken broth, and some type of shortening, so I opted for a more healthy alternative (and veggie of course).

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Smoothie hack (getting your greens in).

My toddler and I are smoothie addicts. Plain and simple. Since my daughter started eating solids, I’ve had a difficult time getting her to eat veggies — especially green veggies. But come on, what kid likes green veggies? Or veggies in general?

I make smoothies for myself daily. I always include a handful of organic kale or baby spinach (sometimes both), along with whatever fruits I’m craving. I really didn’t think that my daughter would care for it, but after one sip, she was hooked. Now I feel better knowing that she is getting both her fruits and veggies in each day.

Those of you who buy fresh kale or spinach know how quickly they wilt. I usually wash the kale and spinach as soon as I get it home so that I can put it in a freezer bag to freeze. You have to make sure to use it fairly quick, otherwise it gets that nasty freezer taste. Yuck.

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